As part of wider digital technologies, BIM offers an opportunity for the construction industry to improve performance through better data integration and radical changes to the project collaborative platform. This is true about the whole as well as the parts of project’s life cycle. The focus of this chapter is on the opportunities for the integration of BIM in the planning and management of safety on site. The discussion starts with an overview of BIM and safety on construction projects. It then focuses on the integration of virtual simulation of visualization, the use of sensors and devices, and safety management. Image technologies are integrated into the site safety data and information contained within the BIM model in order to offer an improved way of planning and managing site safety in addition to enhanced training methods. The chapter presents an important context for students and educators to appreciate the potential of BIM and advanced technology. Considering that health and safety is a vital aspect of construction management, professionals in the built environment must be conversant with the implications of advances in digital technology for the management of health and safety. Significant developments in BIM and digital technologies over recent decades are providing innovative insights into safer design, planning, and site management.