Construction planning and scheduling are vital to ensure a project is delivered according to the agreed completion date. With the increasing adoption of technology in construction, the construction planning and scheduling process has been improved. One of these technologies is 4D building information modelling (BIM), which can be employed to improve construction planning and scheduling. The development of 4D models facilitates the various participants of a building project, from architects, designers, and contractors to clients, to envision the total duration of a series of events, and it also displays the progress of the overall ongoing construction activities through the lifetime of the project. 4D BIM enables planners to attach the design elements to the corresponding activities, and therefore a simulation of construction sequences can be created. This chapter was designed for educators and students to provide them with adequate knowledge to teach and study 4D BIM; therefore an introduction about planning and scheduling in construction was presented, followed by an overview of BIM, and finally the process and implementation of 4D BIM were presented in different sections. Finally, we provided educators with a teaching map to enable them to build their curriculums.