This chapter discusses the evolution of the digitalization of pathological slides, and explains the contribution of pathology in the prediction of diseases, the minimization of efforts, and the clarification of disease information via diagnosis. Examining tiny tissue uncovers the data that empower the pathologist to render accurate analysis and help with treatment. The methodology or necessary procedure by which pathologists analyze has remained relatively unchanged in the course of the most recent years. Advances in data innovation now offer tremendous opportunities in digital image–based diagnostics, and explore new applications. Pathology has been left behind in healthcare practices such as radiology with the extensive implementation of digital imaging. As gadgets that generate whole slide images turn out to be more sensible and reasonable, the practices are progressively receiving this innovation and will eventually produce an explosion of information. These progressions are passing through the critical situation for storage of information and manipulation. However, they additionally create new opportunities by enhancing persistent care through streamlining and standardizing symptomatic methodologies and revealing disease using digital image processing. In this work, we have proposed the image digitization of pathological slides in medical imaging, which will be encouraging for further researchers.