This chapter provides estimates of the latter impacts for each of eight regions in the United States. These estimates are based on farm-cost-and-return budgets developed for a typical dairy farm in each of the eight regions, and then aggregated to reflect total output and total input requirements for the respective regions. The regional definitions, Bovine somatotropin (BST) scenarios examined, output response to BST, price farmers can expect to receive for milk, and number of cows needed in each region given the assumed output per cow and regional demand requirements under each of the scenarios examined were taken from R. F. Fallert and M. C. Hallberg. The results of the analysis verify that adoption of BST by all of the nation's dairy farmers can be expected to lead to substantial changes in the dairy industry. The projections show that, when BST was adopted everywhere, corn and soybean acreages increased for every region except the Southeast and Southern Plains.