Potter wasps belong to the subfamily Eumeninae of the family Vespidae, order Hymenoptera. Eumeninae is poorly studied, particularly in comparison with the better known Vespinae. However, studies in the last decade have provided a more comprehensive knowledge of the size of the fauna and its systematics. A total 189 valid species with many additional subspecies under 47 genera in 3 tribes are currently recognized from India. Of them, 77 species (including some subspecies) are endemic and 34 species are distributed widely in India. However, the taxonomic understanding of genera such as Ancistrocerus, Coeleumenes, Ectopioglossa, Euodynerus, Katamenes, Knemodynerus, Orancistrocerus, Parancistrocerus, Pareumenes, Pseudonortonia, Pseudozumia, Pseumenes, Stenodyneriellus, Stenodynerus, Symmorphus, and Zethus is pretty poor. Updated information about the various aspects of Eumeninae of India is provided in this chapter. An identification key to all genera known from India is provided. Distributional patterns of the subfamily, particularly in different states of India are discussed. An overview of other aspects of Indian Eumeninae, focusing on their biology, prey associations, integrative taxonomy, diversity, conservation status, and collection and preservation methods is also provided.