This chapter discusses Landsat products to look at the immediate effects of the hurricanes on mangroves in South Florida and aims to investigate the recovery track of mangroves from each hurricane at a large scale. It presents a mangrove mask and Landsat products, which are available in Google Earth Engine (GEE). Landsat-based vegetation indices have proven effective to characterize the mangrove change in South Florida due to episodic disturbances such as hurricanes. The Landsat data are valuable for large-scale damage and recovery analyses compared with the aerial data and field surveys. The same satellite specifications used between Landsat 5 and 8 are beneficial and lead to trouble-free comparisons, with virtually the same code in GEE. The chapter shows that Landsat is useful for large-scale mangrove damage and recovery analyses from hurricanes and that GEE is a powerful tool for enhancing the capability of Landsat products for such applications regionally and globally.