In order to simplify the electrospinning process model towards quick and easy process modeling and simulation for field intensity, only the following parameters will be considered as the key factors for electrospinning process, and they are: applied voltage, receiving distance, geometric structure of spinneret and receiver. The existing electrospinning technologies are usually classified into two subcategories, i.e., needle electrospinning and needleless electrospinning. During needle electrospinning process, needles or nozzles are employed to generate Taylor cones from the liquid drops on the top of the needles or nozzles, resulting in nanofiber web with relatively condensed and uniform web structure. Practical experiments indicated that the key process parameters for needle electrospinning should also include the solution concentration, feed rate, and conductivity. The most frequently used nanofiber manufacture method in laboratory or industry is the needle electrospinning technology due to its setup simplicity, product uniformity, process controllability, and ease for shift of product category.