Mavis, an 83-year-old lady with a previous wrist fracture, presented to the emergency department after falling over in her garden. She was found on the floor by her husband, and was unable to weight bear. An X-ray is performed which shows Mavis has an intracapsular fracture of her right hip.

What other simple investigations would you perform in the emergency department? (3 marks)

Name three painkillers which could be given to Mavis in the emergency department. (3 marks)

What two risk factors does Mavis have for fracturing her hip? (2 marks)

What is the blood supply to the femoral head? (3 marks)

If the blood supply to the head of the femur is compromised, what late complication will occur? (1 mark)

Name one operation suitable for the treatment of an intracapsular hip fracture. (1 mark)

Post-operatively the on-call doctor is called to see Mavis as the nurses are concerned that she has become breathless and light headed. Her HR is 110, BP 100/60, RR 22 and Sats 92% on 61 O2. She is clearly breathless and complaining of chest pain. Name three postoperative complications fitting with Mavis’ symptoms. (3 marks)

Physiotherapy is instigated on the first day postoperatively. Give three reasons this is so important. (3 marks)