The wireless body area network (WBAN) is a special case of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that is a collection of small and intelligent wireless medical sensors which are attached to or implanted into a human body. These sensors have wireless sense capability and transmit biological information to one or more collection points. This information will be transmitted in wireless channels to an external processing unit. The information transmitted from the sensors is vulnerable to corruption by noisy channels, reflections, and distortions. The major problem in WBAN is to increase the lifetime of the sensors as well as the performance of the network. In order to increase the lifetime of the network, the energy consumption of the sensors and bit error rate is reduced by using efficient-error correcting codes. In this chapter, to achieve the reliable data transmission, LCPC code is used in order to increase WBAN efficiency by detecting and correcting the errors. In WBAN and real-time application systems, low complexity and shorter code word length in channel coding scheme are preferred. Consequently, and in order to address these challenges, we propose a novel error detection and correction codes called the low-complexity parity check (LCPC) codes with short code word lengths for WBAN applications. The proposed codes have shorter code word length, less complexity, and lower memory requirement in comparison to turbo and low-density parity check (LDPC) codes. Simulation results demonstrated that the proposed LCPC codes outperform the Hamming and Reed-Solomon (RS) codes in addition to the renowned LDPC codes. It offers up to 3 dB coding gain.