In this chapter, we put forward a data delivery framework in nanoscale systems, where a number of nanosensors are disseminated over human bodies and the like to help in disaster management. For our considered system, data is dispatched from varied subsystems through a nanorouter, toward a gateway connected to a much larger system such as the Internet. Consequently, this makes our system suitable to be used for nanoscale disaster-inspired applications in the Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT). We look at the entire nanonetwork energy while selecting the next hop for the routed data packet in addition to considering critical attributes in disastrous situations such as fairness in load distribution and time to repair. Our data delivery system considers IoNT limitations related to the hop count, fairness, time to repair, and energy savings. Extensive simulations verified by testbed results in practice have been performed to show the effectiveness of the proposed data delivery approach in comparison to other baseline approaches in the literature.