Nanobiotechnology is a combination between nanotechnological and biological materials which is used for the development of novel biological agents at the nano scale that can be used in biomedical science. Nanomedicine is one of the vigorous and quickly developing fields of nanotechnology that deals with the different potential applications. Gold nanoparticles (NP) play an extraordinary role due to their unique optical properties at the nanoscale, biocompatibility, and rich surface chemistry, all of which attract the attention of researchers working in the field of biomedical science. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary area with extensive ability in the management of cancer, including molecular diagnosis and drug delivery. Calcium alginate hydrogel combined with chitosan NPs can be used against inflammation and neovascularization in the treatment of wounds. NPs are a prominent nano-product extensively used in different medical fields like wound dressing, cancer treatment, and pharmacological treatment.