Against the background of climate change, the occurrence and intensity of high-impact weather and climate events are increasing, and the scope and extent of public safety risks in high-impact weather cities are getting larger and deeper. Therefore, guaranteeing urban public safety means higher requirements for the space-time accuracy of high-influence weather forecasting and early warnings, and the pertinence and effectiveness of defensive measures. Risk-based urban public safety assessments for high-influence weather is the basis for solving these key problems. In this study, we explore the public safety incidents in high-impact weather cities in China in recent years, analyzing not only the complexity and urgency of the problems, but also the difficulties to be solved. Further, we enhance and strengthen the foundation of urban public safety risk assessments, implement an open and transparent assessment strategy, and upgrade unified administrative assessments to diversified assessments. Finally, we improve the current assessment system, enhance the scientific nature of risk assessments and offer suggestions for the application mechanism of the assessment results.