With the increase in car ownership, the frequency of and direct losses from traffic accidents increase year on year and social risks increase. There are lots of factors that lead to traffic accidents, among which adverse weather conditions are one of the important factors causing traffic accidents. This paper analyzes the correlation between meteorological conditions of road traffic accidents in Hebei during 2016 to 2018, the driving mechanism of meteorological conditions on the occurrence of traffic accidents, and the risk and management of traffic accidents. The results show that the traffic accidents in Hebei mainly occurred in autumn: the most accidents happened in November, followed by October and December. The frequency of traffic accidents is mainly affected by the meteorological conditions, including fog, rain and snow, and is higher in bad weather than that on sunny days. When the rainfall reaches heavy levels, the more rain there is, the more traffic accidents there are. Adverse weather conditions raise traffic risks mainly through affecting visibility and adhesion coefficient of road surface and vehicles, thus management measures for traffic accidents should be implemented dynamically in combination with this feature.