Based on the natural disaster risk index and geography information system technology, four main factors of the risk of rainstorm and flood disasters in Hebei Province were studied. Considering the influence of topography, climate and social economy, the contribution of each major factor was determined and the flood disaster risk zoning map was drawn and analyzed. The results indicated that the regions at the highest risk of flood disaster were concentrated in the coastal areas of north-eastern Hebei Province from 1961 to 2008, mainly including Tangshan city and Qinhuangdao city. The zones at the second-highest risk of flood disaster were located in southeastern Hebei, including Cangzhou city, northern Hengshui city and eastern Xingtai city. The lowest and second-lowest flood risk zones were distributed in northwestern Hebei Province, including Zhangjiakou city and Chengde city, which was caused by low precipitation and low vulnerability.