To evaluate the development level of Guizhou’s big data industry reasonably and effectively, based on the current industry developments, this study constructs an industrial-level rating index system of Guizhou’s prefecture-level cities’ big data development. To better reflect the influence of big data industry, the Baidu Index is added as the search engine data. First, the weight of each index is calculated by the entropy weight method, and then the development level of the big data industry in Guizhou is measured by the hesitant fuzzy language TOPSIS method. Empirical analysis shows that the TOPSIS method based on hesitant fuzzy language can better measure and analyze the development status of the big data industry and enhance the flexibility and credibility of information expression. Finally, through an evaluation of the development level of the big data industry in prefecture-level cities of Guizhou, this paper proposes relevant countermeasures and suggestions for the development of theindustry so as to continuously promote the development of the big data industry in Guizhou.