The field of chirality has seen a strong rejuvenation due to the observation of nanoscale chirality in plasmonic nanoparticles. This chapter presents recent advances in the field of plasmonic chirality. It briefly discusses the various top-down and bottom-up methods adopted for the synthesis of optically active plasmonic nanomaterials. After achieving significant progress in the synthesis and mechanistic understanding of chirality at the nanoscale, the major focus of researchers is set on finding suitable applications for the synthesized nanomaterials. While different applications such as circular polarizers, chiral sensing and catalysis have been proposed, the chapter proposes that plasmon-enhanced chiral signals have great potential for use in the detection and therapy of diseases. It introduces recent developments in the use of chiral plasmonic responses in the biomedical field. In addition to the synthesis of intrinsically chiral nanostructures, chiral plasmons can also be generated through the coupling between plasmon modes of interacting nanoparticles.