Climate change and environmental pollution have negatively affected the sustainable development of the society, economy, and environment in every country around the world, especially the developing and underdeveloped ones. In order to diminish the impacts caused by environmental problems, many countries have started to shift the existing economy to a green economy model which requires green industries, creates green jobs, and demands green skills. It is expected that in the near future green skills will be imperatively needed by employers along with the conventional hard and soft skills. Therefore, this article focuses on the green skills needed by the various green industrial sectors. Specifically, there are several common green skills that are critical for the various green industries: design, communication, waste management, energy, city planning, management, leadership, management, financial, and procurement. Therefore, institutions of higher learning should play a more significant role in producing graduates who are equipped with green skills in order to cater for the needs of the green industry. As a suggestion, the existing curricula have been revised and the green skills elements should be embedded in the curricula.