In the actuator design for mechatronics, the selection of actuator as well as the controller design for the whole mechatronic system should be indispensable: that is, it is quite important to know “how the actuators should be specifically designed for the actual applications and should be practically controlled to provide the required performance”. Strain wave gearings, such as harmonic drive gearings, are widely used in a variety of industrial applications, e.g., industrial and/or humanoid robots, precision positioning devices, etc., because of their unique kinematics and high-performance attributes such as simple and compact mechanism, high gear ratios, high torque, and zero backlash. Piezoelectric actuators have been widely applied to high-precision positioning and tracking applications, such as nano-positioning stage systems, scanning tunneling microscopes, atomic force microscopes, nano-robotic manipulators, etc. The chapter presents a vibration suppression approach for resonant vibration modes considering the hysteresis property without any additional sensor in the piezo-driven stage.