Nanotechnology is related with the fabrication and use of devices that are so small that they have to be measured in nanometer. At such a small scale the individual characteristics of molecules and atoms in the material become more important than the material’s bulk properties, and thus new concepts need to be used. Nanotechnology covers a wide range including fabrication of functional nanostructures with engineered properties, synthesis and processing of nanoparticles, supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly and replication techniques, sintering of nanostructured metallic alloys, use of quantum effects, creation of chemical and biological templates and sensors, and surface modification and films. Silver nanoparticles are being incorporated into wound dressings. The emergence of a nanotechnology workforce is rapidly approaching, and educational institutions, industry, and government must make necessary preparations for this new technology movement. Nanotechnology is climbing a ramp of capabilities that could address an increasing range of challenges.