Fundamentals of the application of silicic acid ester will be summarised in the following together with possible combinations with nanolime. The combined application of nanolime and silicic acid esters is possible in two ways: as a homogeneous mixture, and by consecutive applications of nanolime dispersions and silicic acid esters (SAEs). Esters are compounds that are obtained by a reaction between alcohols and acids. Silicic acid esters are formally the products of reactions between silicic acid and different alcohols. The application of SAE for clay-based materials as well as for calcareous minerals and materials has been the subject of controversial discussions. Instead of using homogeneous mixtures of calcium hydroxide nanosols and SAEs, a successive application of both components is possible. Compared to the application of homogeneous nanolime-SAE mixtures, the consecutive application of nanolime and SAEs achieves greater strengthening. The most noticeable influence of nanolime could be observed during the consolidation of weak and deteriorated materials, both natural stones and mortars.