Soil conservation measures must be both technically sound and socially and economically acceptable to the farmers. Agronomic measures are usually adopted to control erosion in pasture lands. Management of soil erosion, which includes application of agronomic and soil management principles, can be efficiently done by supportive mechanical methods of erosion control. Forest lands usually have a multi-tier canopy which protects the land from erosion. Rough lands are usually located in hilly and mountainous terrain with shallow stony soils and steep slopes or in sand dunes. The agronomical measures include growing vegetation on the land with fewer slopes to cover them and to control the erosion from such lands. Contour strip cropping includes growing different crop strips along the contours at the direction perpendicular to the normal slope of land. Conservation tillage is the practice of ploughing the fields with a lesser number of passes over the entire land or ploughing only in the required space of the land.