Oral administration of the drug represents the most frequent and suitable drug delivery route. Nanoparticles prepared from natural polysaccharides have the prospective to maintain drug stability and augment the duration of the drugs therapeutic effect when administered through oral routes. Polysaccharide can be simply modified and is non-toxic, stable, safe, with gel forming properties which all signify its suitability for oral drug delivery. Nanoparticles should be designed in such a way that penetrates the mucus and releases the drugs and/or nanoparticles containing drugs closer to the epithelium. The polymeric nanoparticles protect the drug from degradative enzymes present in the gastrointestinal tract and low pH of the stomach and have the ability to improve their transmucosal transport. Intestinal mucosa is the major barrier to the uptake of the nanoparticle. Nanoparticles based on natural polymers such as polysaccharides have emerged as the preferred choice of material due to their low/non-toxicity and immunogenicity.