Biodiversity in Morocco is very rich and the importance of the Kingdom of Morocco in terms of Biodiversity lies in its geographical location where it meets major geostrategic and ecological complexes: the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the desert front of the Sahara at the Southeast. Biodiversity is important in many ways: ecological, economic, sociological, scientific, cultural, ethical, the classification, often used, of the valorization of biological resources distinguishes between direct values and indirect values. Geomorphological and bioclimatic diversity corresponds to a wide bio-ecological and, therefore, ecosystemic, specific and genetic diversity, which can be ordered in three main types of ecosystems/distinct environments: terrestrial ecosystems; marine and coastal ecosystems; and ecosystems of inland waters. In Morocco, biodiversity is a vital sector for its socioeconomic development. It has never spared its efforts to engage in bilateral or international activities or agreements to contribute to the conservation of his natural, but also global, natural resources.