The most important step in treating a patient with mycotoxins is to remove the patient from the exposure. Once a safe space is assured, the patient may begin treatment for mycotoxin illness. The removal of mycotoxins is accomplished with binders. Several binders have been studied for their ability to remove mycotoxins. Cholestyramine was shown in rats and mice to lower levels of mycotoxins obtained from a dietary source. Tick-borne disease has been well-described in the world medical literature since the early part of the 1900s. The definitive diagnosis of Lyme disease can be daunting for several reasons. As mentioned previously, the clinical manifestations can be varied in timing and may involve multiple bodily systems. The presence of a classical erythema migrans rash following a tick bite is considered pathognomonic, but the rash may vary in appearance. Mold exposure is one of the most misunderstood causes of chronic disease.