Glyphosate and other herbicides are strong mineral chelators that physiologically immobilize essential mineral nutrients that serve as enzyme cofactors or structural components of biological systems. In this way, the herbicide glyphosate inhibits enzymes responsible for essential physiological functions, thus reducing the body’s resistance for disease and stress. Genetic engineering (GMO) for herbicide tolerance merely provides an alternative shikimate or other pathway that is not sensitive to the particular herbicide for which tolerance is desired (Druker, 2014). Genetic engineering does nothing to nullify the chelating, antibiotic, or other activities of the herbicide (or pesticide) applied. There are numerous other genetic and epigenetic alterations from genetic engineering that influence nutrient availability, function, and density in crops. Some pesticides are fairly specific for the minerals chelated, while others, such as glyphosate, are very broad-spectrum mineral chelators that reduce the availability of many essential minerals and thereby “downregulate” hundreds of enzymes. Residual effects may persist long after actual application or deterioration of the chemical that is applied because of the damages it caused to the soil, plants, and gut microbial communities. Recognizing the multiplicity of effects from the extensive, long-term, indiscriminate use of such mineral chelating, antibiotic, and synthetic compounds provides valuable clues to the near-epidemic increase in crop, animal, and human diseases we are currently experiencing. Remediation includes compensation for nutrient immobilization through mineral amendment, modifying the environment to restore biological functions and hasten degradation of pesticide residue effects, biological compensation to restore mineral availability and disease suppressiveness, and incorporation of alternative practices for weed and pest control. Future historians may well look back and write not about how many pounds of pesticides we did or did not apply, but about how willing we were to sacrifice our children and jeopardize future generations from the extensive application of synthetic chelating, antibiotic, persistent, endocrine hormone–disrupting chemicals. Moreover, this massive experiment, which we call genetic engineering, is based on false promises and flawed science, just to benefit the “bottom line” of a commercial enterprise.