The government, organizations, and the public need to prepare for the potential impacts of disasters. Ensuring that the necessary capabilities, resources, and knowledge are in place helps minimize the aftermath of these incidents. This chapter aims to develop an intelligent resource manager comprising a knowledge store along with procedures as a model for situation awareness to provide better interoperability of heterogeneous resources for emergency situation information. This resource manager supports end users in making the best decisions during an emergency by providing enhanced and real-time situation awareness to the general public [Jain and Patel 2019]. This resource manager is conceived as comprising ontological knowledge bases and use cases for contributing to the national effort of saving the nation and society in the face of emergencies. This system provides details of past incidents along with awareness for incoming emergencies in order to ensure the survival and continuity of services. With the help of this system, anyone in society will be able to contribute to the national effort of saving the nation when an emergency strikes that affects people as well as the economy.