The use of computationally advanced devices, smartphones, etcetera is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Large numbers of users and their multiple devices have led to alarming levels of power utilization over the last decade. The escalation in mobile devices usage supported by omnipresent communication, increasing computation power and data analytics have made it more relevant to the practical world. Envisage an integrated scenario where billions of devices will be capable of sensing, communicating and sharing information. Internet of Things (IoT) is a new cyber movement where devices are identifiable and gain wisdom as a result of taking or permitting circumstantial judgments, as they are capable of conveying knowledge regarding them. Any device is able to access data aggregated by other entities, or they may become elements of structured systems. If anyone wants to navigate the IoT engineering labyrinth, due to the complexity and sheer numbers of technology solutions that accompany it, it can be a tough task.