The availability of safe blood stock becomes a concern in Indonesia. Having an adequate safe blood stock could reduce child & maternal mortality rate. Despite the increasing demand of blood every year, Indonesia is still lacking safe blood stock. This study explored the best practices strategy towards 100% blood donation campaign strategies in Indonesia. Six respondents consist of 3 experts and 3 community leaders were interviewed. This qualitative research is using semi structured interview and the data were analysed by using five stages analytical strategies from Schmidt, 2004. All community leaders have low knowledge about blood donation and perceived having less information regarding blood donation. Community leaders associate blood donation activity with pain and sick. Experts also think that most of the people having low comprehension about blood donation. All experts expressed that the most successful campaign program is by direct campaign while the least successful campaign method is via radio. Although blood donation is associated with pain and sick, most community leaders agreed that donating blood is a good act. Sufficient information will make people comprehend more about blood donation and the appreciation retain the blood donors.