This chapter describes the development and use of a smart open-source software application that allows the processing and analysis of ordinary images in real time in order to highlight their characteristics. Currently, the application can be successfully used in the medical field for bone and tissue analysis and in the legal field for analyzing an image that is supposed to be fraudulent, as well as in the case of images taken by satellites (i.e., satellite imagery). The application relies on tests, procedures, and reports reunited in a single package. To validate the software, the authors used two types of images: one video recorded on the street in order to determine its authenticity and one medical image that was processed by switching it to a grayscale image and by using segmentation techniques. The result of the image analysis with one of the filters of the software that was manually adjusted, in case of a legal expertise, unquestionably indicates whether the original image was used to create a false image. In medical or telecommunication fields, the use of filters highlights specific aspects of the image.