Postharvest losses due to postharvest disease may occur at any time during postharvest handling, from harvest to consumption. Postharvest diseases of capsicum and brinjal are important because they cause a lot of damage and loss to farmers. Managing the postharvest losses is the primary concern. The major postharvest diseases of capsicum are anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, Phytophthora fruit rot, grey mould and Alternaria rot, which cause a great deal of loss. Similarly, the major postharvest diseases of brinjal are Phomopsis blight and leaf and fruit rot caused by Alternaria sp. The postharvest diseases can be managed by following some preventive measures like harvesting and handling the fruits carefully to avoid any injury which may facilitate the pathogen to cause infection, and provide proper ventilation in storage which can reduce the further spread or further development of disease. Hot water and hot air treatment or use of certain chemicals is recommended for the postharvest management of some diseases. Use of biological agents is also suggested for the management of a few postharvest diseases. The need now is to have an integrated approach for the management of the postharvest diseases both before and after harvest.