Internet of things (IoT)-empowered devices allow patients and users to handle health care issues and are more beneficial for health monitoring by offering better fitness. IoT provides a lot of valuable prospects in the domain of medicine. As health care-related services are expensive, such IoT devices related to health care are very much utilized by the people and these are grasping their roots very rapidly. The medical devices can gather worthy information regarding users’ symptoms for the disease and when associated with the internet they provide real-time monitoring of symptoms. Health care devices with the internet can support remote care as patients can more regulate their treatments when they are aware of the complications regularly in an easy manner. There are many ways of applying IoT in medical devices such as wearables fitness bands for monitoring heart rates, walk steps, blood pressure so that patients can be given personalized care, etc. A continuous glucose monitor is a medical device enabled with IoT and is used to uninterruptedly monitor the glucose level of diabetic patients. The chapter presents the concept, functioning, and applications of IoT on various biomedical devices for health care and health monitoring for both patients and physicians.