In this chapter, you will learn about various antennas used in biomedical applications. Wireless biotelemetry systems operating in the radio-frequency bands are attaining a great amount of attention due to their well-enabled applications in the areas of healthcare systems inside a hospital, home, or external environments as well. In earlier times, there was wired communication of the medical devices to outside monitoring/control equipment, which majorly affected patient comfort and convenience. Therefore, biotelemetry devices with a wireless mode of communication seem to be a good solution towards improving the patients’ living conditions with constant availability, well awareness of context, etc. At the present time, RF associated medical telemetry systems are additionally supported by the fast changes in wireless communications capabilities of medical devices in, on, or around the body. Antennas integrated into wireless medical devices can be divided into three categories with respect to their positioning on the patient’s body: on-body antennas; implantable antennas; and ingestible antennas. These antennas are holding a very important place in biomedical applications and their use is expanding fast to meet up the requirements of wireless medical devices. Therefore, these antennas are going to gain tremendous growth in future biomedical applications providing desirable performance.