Signal processing is associated with the representation of signals by a sequence of numbers or symbols and the processing of these signals. Digital signal processing is a branch of science which deals with signal processing. It includes areas like audio, speech, sonar, and radar signal processing, sensor array processing, spectral estimation, signal processing for communications, statistical signal processing, digital image processing, control of systems, biomedical signal processing, seismic data processing, etc.

Biomedical signals are the recording of observations due to physiological activities of organisms, ranging from gene and protein sequences to neural and cardiac rhythms—to tissue and organ images. It is a clinical study of the internal body metabolisms, diagnosis of ailments, and detection of diseases using the electronic instrumentation. Signal processing aims at extracting significant information from biomedical signals. With the aid of biomedical signal processing, biologists can discover new biology and physicians can monitor the distinct illness.

Signal processing came into the field of medical signal processing (MSP) with the advent use of advanced electronic instruments in the biomedical field. Various scientists invented many instruments that detected the biological diagnostic resulted from biological organisms. MSP has enabled the people from the medical field to enable them to ease 126off their burdens of life support in a very healthy manner. While these techniques are well established, the field of MSP continues to expand thanks to the invention and development of various novel biomedical instruments.