Whenever we talk about the internal parts of the body or anything that is related with the endoscopy/measurement of the parameters of the inner parts of the body, we always take the approximate data, not the exact data. Can we even think of swallowing any miniaturized PCB, a small digital camera, or any micro digital gadget? Obviously not. We will be scared of doing this. There are a number of constraints in these types of experiments or tests, which start hovering in our minds are health, well-being, and safety. But now, due to the advanced technologies, this has become possible for even human beings. The electronic pills, which are extensively used for the measurement of the internal parameters of the body, are becoming popular and obvious nowadays. They communicate with their base station using the DQPSK technique, even starting at 255 kHz, low carrier modulation. The whole e-pill system can be thought of as consisting of an actuator, which when triggered can deliver the drug inside the stomach/intestines. There will be some electronic circuitry of 154the transceiver, a battery, few sensors to pick up the temperature, pH of the intestinal fluid, and the SpO2 level. This arrangement is encapsulated in a body favorable, synthetic material to form a capsule of around 25 mm × 12 mm. Further, there are a number of upgradations that are suggested in the e-pill for better and effective performance and monitoring, which are also discussed later in this chapter.