In this chapter, a new small size antenna with a circularly polarized (CP) band and notched band features are designed. The radiator of the antenna comprises of hexagonal-shaped irregular polygon and a 50 Ω microstrip feeding line. The S11 ≥ −10 dB band of the designed monopole antenna varies from 3.45–5 GHz and 6.6–10.68 GHz with a band elimination notch from 5–6.6 GHz to avoid interference between usable frequency bands. The antenna displays an axial ratio (AR) bandwidth of 200 MHz for 3.5 166GHz center frequency. The antenna is simple to fabricate and can be easily incorporated into miniaturized handheld equipments. The antenna overall size is 25 × 25 × 1.6 mm3 The antenna is etched on FR-4 substrate and experimental outcomes are seen in a match with the simulated outcomes.