This chapter discusses the thermochemical conversion processes for various biomass wastes, with respect to carbon capture, and the environmental impacts associated with each process. Most of the Carbon Capture and Storage approaches for biomass combustion are also applicable to gasification of biomass. The new approaches based on chemical looping for carbon capture in biomass combustion and gasification processes are subsequently discussed. The other modes of biomass conversion and utilization, such as pyrolysis and torrefaction, are also discussed and compared with respect to their carbon capture potential. The following sub-sections discuss the processes of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and torrefaction, with respect to their carbon capture potential and approaches. Industrialized economies are moving towards employing biomass combustion as one of the major options for heat and electricity production. Travelling grate combustors involve a continuously moving grate and are widely used in incinerators and for biomass combustion of various feedstock sizes.