We report on the fabrication of nanometer scale AlGaAs network structures on GaAs (001) masked substrates by selective area metaloganic voper phase epitaxy (SA-MOVPE). The SiNx masks are periodically etched off with 250nm width to the both [110] and [110] directions and with the periodicity ranging from 600nm to 2100nm. It is found that AlGaAs network structures are formed with extreme selectivity. We also find that the wire regions of the mesh structures consist {111}A and {111}B facet sidewalls and their widths are controlled by the growth conditions. Next, we grow InAs on AlGaAs network structures. The results show that InAs dots can be grown at the crossing points of AlGaAs network structures under the appropriate conditions. These results indicate that ridge quantum wires, pyramidal quantum dots and InAs dots can easily be fabricated on these structures with excellent controllability in their size, position and alignment.