Poised robustly with bioenergetics, the other facet of bioentropy, namely, informatic-biology embarks at the most primitive level—the breaking of universal genetic-codes in neural cells. Though tossed by the tempest of intra-extraneural disturbances, it sails triumphantly across the ocean of neural complex in search of far-reaching shores of information-content pertinent to the giant-molecules of the living systems. The multidimensional perception of bioinformation is the same as the negentropy concept for information in the sense of the improbability of specified ordered states of the biological system—either at the microscopic, neucleoditic level or at the macroscopic, cerebral level. Specifically, the cellular system is well-known as an ensemble of information-processing units, wherein the visible neural units function as sensory transducers, and the interconnections between the neurons store the learned data through their correlatory weights. There also exists a mechanism of decision-making and related functions in the neural informatic setup in its role as a pattern recognizing system.