This chapter presents the past history, current status, and likely future directions for development of high speed ground transportation (HSGT). HSGT are those systems capable of sustaining operating speeds over 200 km/h. The train has long been a vital transportation mode in North America, and indeed in all industrialized countries throughout the world. In the face of declining market share, it is difficult for North America to justify a major investment in HSGT and to claim any technological leadership in trains. The chapter presents feature of two operational tilt-body trains. Tilting systems make it possible to increase train speeds without modifying existing curved trackage while not exposing passengers to uncomfortable lateral accelerations. Maglev is a revolutionary form of transportation which has been researched, developed, tested and brought to the stage of pre-commercial demonstration over a period of 30 years. It uses magnetic forces for the non-contact suspension, guidance and propulsion of vehicles at speeds up to 500 km/h.