This chapter describes the recycling concept of production wastes in a company producing multilayer sausage casings. A group of eight types of production wastes generated in the company was characterized and proposals of possible ways of their separation into several recycling streams were presented. This chapter also discusses a few examples of plastic recycling lines, from which two were selected, on which regranulate for injection molding of samples for testing mechanical and thermal properties were made. The obtained test results of regranulate obtained from multilayer PA/PE film wastes and waste from multilayer PA/PE tapes and mixtures thereof (75% and 25%) proved to be very promising, which allowed us to propose their practical use for the production of transport pallets. At the end of the chapter, the results of industrial injection tests at the production plant producing pallets for IKEA were presented. It was shown that the pallets obtained from the tested regranulate have twice the rigidity of pallets made of HDPE or PP material.