Digital transformation has kicked into great gear with the process of product development. The evolution of social media and smart gadgets tends to move with excessive velocity. In this era, security became an enterprise-wide issue that needed addressing and managing risk in business priority. IT and business fast-tracked initiatives like agile and DevOps should improve speed in the market, and security issues have a significant impact on business development. Gartner predicted that “In 2020, 60% of digital business would suffer major service failure, due to the inability of security issues to manage the digital hazards”. Cybersecurity leads a significant role in government bodies, corporate, financial sectors, medical organizations, and defense to store unique amounts of data on computers and other devices. The critical part of the data can be sensitive information. Whether the data will be intellectual property, financial data, individual information, or different data types should be protected from unauthorized access and third party. This chapter discusses the brief introduction of cyber crime, techniques, preventive measures, initiatives metrics, and security tools.