Internet of Things has gained immense popularity as it can connect any physical object into a network where it can communicate processed data to the end user. This has led to the development of the Internet of Nano Things in which smaller objects in the micro to nano-scale, like nano-sensor and nanobots, can be placed into a network for the efficient performance and processing of collected data. This chapter is written to deliver the general and the key notion of the Internet of Nano Things. The chapter begins with a simple introduction to the Internet of Things, highlighting its significance and usefulness. The chapter explains nanotechnology and nanomaterials’ key features, focusing on the important fabrication techniques for nanoelectronics and how nanotechnology aids in the Internet of Things. The chapter provides an overall outline of the technology, including the nanomachine and nanonetwork architecture and nano-communication paradigms. This chapter also discusses the various applications of the Internet of Nano Things and a case study of nano bio-sensors for a better understanding of the reader. In concluding remarks, this chapter explains the various challenges associated with the development and realisation of the technology.