Inefficiency in planting, harvesting, water use, meat consumption, as well as uncertainty about weather, pests, consumer demand, and other intangibles contribute to lower production, advanced costs, and greater need for products of higher quality and quantity. Precision agriculture (PA) and precision livestock farming (PLF) are introduced to assist in optimizing agricultural and livestock production while minimizing the wastes and costs. In this chapter, CYBELE is introduced, a platform aspiring to ensure that the stakeholders involved in the PA and PLF value chain (research and academia, SMEs, entrepreneurs, etc.) are granted unmediated access to a vast amount of very large-scale and distributed datasets. Additionally, by leveraging the convergence of big data, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing infrastructures, CYBELE facilitates these stakeholders to generate value and extract insights out of the data through advanced data exploration, aggregation, processing, training, analysis, and visualization services.