Mysore Printers Cluster is a group of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME), engaged in various printing technologies such as screen printing, single-colour printing, offset printing, and drum-type and plate-type press-based impression printing. About 250 enterprises make up the Mysore Printers Cluster. TIFAC New Delhi has awarded the consultancy project titled “Technology Gap Analysis Study for the Printing Cluster in Mysore, Karnataka” to M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science, Bangalore. The primary aim of this project is to identify the technological gaps in the Mysore Printers Cluster and provide recommendations to bridge the gap with a view to creating an attractive opportunity in the Industry 4.0 market. Based on a literature survey, primary data, and secondary data collection followed by expert opinion and a pilot study conducted on the Mysore Printers Cluster, recommendations and suggestions are provided, emphasising various training modules, and a brief contents is proposed for the future training requirements of the Mysore Printers Cluster to enhance the knowledge and cognitive skills of the various levels of employees for market sustainability. This can be carried out by employing domain experts to conduct workshops at the grassroots level, leading to an attractive opportunity in the Industry 4.0 market.