During the past few decades, there has been unprecedented integration of computing devices, devices, and physical systems. This has resulted in a field of computer science referred to as cyber-physical systems (CPSs). The CPS has resulted in a tremendous growth and transformation in various fields like agriculture, education, and transportation, etc. Among various fields, the medical field has also observed a massive evolution and has been referred as the medical CPS (MCPS). In medical CPS, a chain of medical devices is integrated with computing devices in order to facilitate advanced health care to patients. Excellent medical services are achieved when these systems are used in healthcare centers. However, it also has various associated challenges in terms of inoperability, security, and protection during MCPS configuration. In this chapter, the authors discuss the foundation of medical CPS. Medical devices are enhanced and explored to build an efficient and secure system. It also provides a help to medical device specialists to handle the associated issues pertaining to design of network of medical devices. This chapter also briefly discusses the integration of MCPS with the social network and big data platforms. Finally, the authors present some challenges faced by MCPS in its widespread deployment.