An outstanding foundation has been provided by the cyber-physical systems (CPSs) by integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) for building advanced industrial systems. A plentiful volume of data has been provided by the IoT technology from different industrial applications. Physical resources along with cyber computing ability are connected by CPS and smart analytics and applied for enabling fast decision making along with unnoticeable problem transparency. By integrating IoT and Web of Things (WoT), many innovative and advanced functionalities are introduced in the field of cyber-physical systems. Thus, the CPS helps in building industrial systems and advanced applications. Also, a connection is enabled between the physical reality and the communication framework. Many applications based on the CPS have been developed in the industries. This chapter talks about the framework of the CPS and its compatibility with Industry 4.0. The key features of CPS and IoT are also explained. Then we discuss some applications based on the CPS in the industries. Lastly, some technical challenges faced by the CPS and the research trends are explained in detail.