The network that connects a vast number of devices together wirelessly is known as a wireless sensor network. The information acquisition takes place through sensor nodes. The information is processed and communicated among the different nodes of the network. A next engineered version of this network refers to the cyber-physical systems (CPSs), in which the machines are provided with more control and integration. Currently, multiple issues and challenges are being addressed as the cyber-physical systems are in the development phase. In this chapter, we will be looking at the bandwidth constraints and storage issues of the information that is being generated through these machines. On one side, the individual machines connected through the CPS are memory constrained i.e., the on-chip memory is small. On the other side, the quality and the size of the desired image is increasing exponentially. To add to the challenge, the data is being stored or communicated wirelessly among different machines, which requires large bandwidth. Bandwidth of the channels is also limited, which results in delayed reception of the information. In delay intolerant applications, this can result in serious problems. In this chapter, the algorithms for image compression are discussed that result in low-memory and low-bandwidth requirements.