Pavement surface textures affect traffic safety, tire-pavement noise, and pavement durability. With the maturity of 3D printing and prefabrication technologies, it becomes feasible to design and prefabricate concrete pavements with delicate textures. Such textures can improve pavement functional services such as skid resistance and noise abatement; however, the durability of the pavement textures remains unknown. In this research, the influence of texture on two durability issues—textures’ fatigue behaviors and abrasion resistance—were investigated in detail. A repetitive loading test and an abrasion test were conducted to evaluate the texture fatigue behavior and abrasion resistance for three types of texture (rectangular, arc-shaped, and rounded trapezoidal) with two concrete materials (pain concrete and ultra-high performance-concrete). The test results show that pavement texture types and concrete materials play important roles in determining texture fatigue behaviors and abrasion resistance. The arc-shaped texture exhibits the worst performance in repetitive-loading induced fatigue damange and abrasion resistance. The rectangular texture and the rounded trapezoidal one behave similarly in texture fatigue, and the latter performs better in abrasion resistance than the former.