This chapter discusses the relationship between Land Use/Land Change (LULC) and the interaction between socioeconomic and natural elements. Land use change is the process of how human activities alter the natural environment, which refers to how the land has been utilised, emphasising its functional role in economic activity. Urbanisation and urban growth are major issues in land use change that are usually accompanied by poor planning. The rapid increase in the urban population becomes one of the main confrontations in developing cities that accelerates the pace of change in LULC. Thus, increasing socioeconomic demands continue to increase pressure on LULC. The prediction models for LULC can be categorised into three groups: GIS-based models, machine learning models, and hybrid models. GIS-based models have encoded the datasets to produce spatial layers for predictor variables created from a series of LULC maps. Understanding the relationship between LULC change and its driving forces is critical in land use planning and management, as is being able to reasonably estimate future land demand.