Smart Cities were supposed to use technology and build intelligent, smart infrastructure for cities to help them achieve social and environmental sustainability and become resilient so they can recover from the consequences of climate change. Most countriescollect comprehensive data, statistics on emissions and energy consumption, but without enough data, decision-making on appropriate policies to mitigate climate change seems impossible. Surveillance society has been under scrutiny of lawyers, conscious citizens for some time because data privacy matters. One of the reasons why most Smart City initiatives, including the Sidewalk Labs, confront public resistance is the potential privacy hazards that citizens may face. Cities are to provide healthy and standard spaces that can respond to the needs of their inhabitants. The impacts of the RF radiation on the body can be divided into two categories of short term and long term; symptoms like depression, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, memory loss were known as “microwave syndrome,” which later were identified as “electro-hypersensitivity”.